In a recent React Native project I was asked to visualize a list of items in a way a little more appealing than just rendering each item with no animations at all. This way, we wanted to contribute more to our overall interactive app look & feel.

Different animation configurations

TLDR; The module to animate FlatLists in React Native is available on The code is public on Go check it out and lend it a star!

As you can see in the above picture, the requirement was to animate the items of given to a FlatList after another, but the rendering…

… or what I learned during one year of React Native application development for iOS and Android concerning function components, the beauty of custom hooks, clean code, separation of concerns and testing.

Photo by Jacob Morch on Unsplash

Since almost one year I am working on a project which intends to make the life of a riders (yes, horse back riders 🐎 ) easier and enjoyable. It all started with a website those guys use to sign up for competitions which is quite hard to use on mobile devices. …

Jascha Kanngießer

Jascha is a developer by 😻, employed with a big software company and spending some of this spare time on things like mobile app development.

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